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Who is Hard Hitting Health?

Hard Hitting Health strives to give it’s readers insight into helpful issues that affect every day people. We take pride in creating content that is backed by references which can help people based on scientific knowledge and personal experience.

We live in a commercial society that can leave someone looking and feeling unhealthy; our goal is to help our readers find out the truth about the best possible ways to live their lives through over the counter products, supplements, routines, exercises, natural foods, and more.

We hope through our writing, images, and videos we can thoroughly explain topics which will hit home with your current situation or inspire you for when you are faced with them.

How Was Hard Hitting Health Created?

Hard Hitting Health was created by husband and wife Thomas and Melody who bonded around their interest in health and fitness. We appreciate any feedback and would love to hear from any of our readers through our contact information.

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